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Earth Day 2021 latest live: Greta's message to world leaders ahead of Joe Biden climate summit

- SKY NEWS - Apr 21, 2021 -

Joe Biden marks Earth Day by hosting two-day virtual climate summit to announce new carbon emission targets; Greta Thunberg sends leaders warning about "bull****".

Key points:

  • Joe Biden hosts two-day climate summit as he uses Earth Day to announce new target of halving emissions by 2030

  • Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and Boris Johnson also speaking in main session between 1-3.30pm - watch live in stream above

  • Greta Thunberg posts video message to world leaders ahead of their big announcements - see 11.50 post

  • Activists from Extinction Rebellion smash windows at HSBC headquarters in London

  • Elon Musk trolled with giant 'Mars Sucks' billboard outside of SpaceX headquarters ahead of Earth Day

  • Watch The Daily Climate Show at 6.30pm and 9.30pm weekdays on Sky News

  • Updates by Emily Mee

Will anyone believe Putin?

Analysis by Michael Blair, climate news editor

Given the latest crisis in relations between Washington and the Kremlin, perhaps the biggest surprise is that Vladimir Putin decided to appear at today's summit at all.

It quickly became clear why he did – to talk about how much better Russia was than everyone else.

The president claimed that Russia had cut its emissions from 1990 levels to "a greater extent than other countries".

That statement will certainly put the fact checkers to work, as Russia remains one of the world's biggest oil producers.

That might be why Putin singled out methane - rather than CO2 – as a particularly offensive emission. He gets green points for introducing some nuance at least.

He finished by saying that Russia was "genuinely" interested in working with other countries on the climate. Did he think no one would believe him?

Developing countries are suffering the most - South African president

Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa says developing countries have "historically have contributed least to global emissions" but "often suffer the most".

He points to issues including drought, extreme storms, rising sea levels and floods, calling climate change "the most pressing issue of our time".

Mr Ramaphosa says South Africa will "do our fair share" to combat the issue, but will want to do so in the context of also stamping out inequality, poverty and underdevelopment.

Like the Chinese president earlier, he calls on developed countries to do more to support developing countries and also do their part in tackling climate issues.


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