Dr. Birx Is Very Upset That Red State Governors Aren't Locking Down For Christmas

- TRENDING POLITICS - Dec 8, 2020 -

It is becoming increasingly evident that there are now two Americas, the states ruled by power-drunk authoritarian Democrat Governors and the free states which are primarily in the Sun Belt.

Now that the media has whipped up a second wave of mass hysteria over COVID, Democrats are imposing another crushing round of lockdowns that are particularly cruel due to their harsh restrictions during the traditionally festive Christmas holidays.

With a nationwide lockdown still out of the question, at least until Joe Biden is installed into the White House, liberal control freaks are clearly frustrated that the entire country won’t have Christmas stolen by the Democrat Grinches.

One of the petty tyrants who is dismayed that Christmas will be allowed to take place in Trump country is White House Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Deborah Birx who was interviewed by host Chuck Todd on NBC’s flagship “Meet The Press” on Sunday.

Dr. Birx decried the fact that the COVID fearmongering hasn’t driven Republican governors to lock down their states like their blue state counterparts who have brought down the iron curtain for the holidays.



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