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Documents Reportedly Unveil Murderous 'Grocery List' from Hell in Cruel Abortion Operation

- THE WESTERN JOURNAL - JULY 8, 2021 - Christine Favocci -

Abortion is already an ugly, gruesome practice — but new information allegedly reveals how this evil is compounded by the way the remains of the murdered children are treated afterward.

It’s already a well-established fact that the University of California-San Francisco has been using body parts from aborted fetuses for research purposes, but official documents reportedly list exactly what parts are being harvested — and it is stomach-churning.

Pro-Life San Francisco reportedly obtained logs from UCSF through a California Public Records Act that allegedly reveal multiple entries listing parts like the uterus, clitoris, penis and testes that were harvested from aborted fetuses on behalf of the institution — reported and inventoried all in a day’s work.

These “Arrival/Departure and Collection Lists” read like macabre grocery lists from hell, listing body parts collected to order at the institution’s abortion affiliates, with each day’s take interspersed with information about the mundane details of the collector’s timesheet and conversational niceties.

According to Pro-Life San Francisco, researchers procure these fetuses that are up to 24 weeks gestation from the university-affiliated Women’s Options Center with the consent of the mothers in a practice the university doesn’t even attempt to hide.

Pro-Life San Francisco has been fighting these crimes against humanity committed through UCSF’s Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Training Program in Abortion and Family Planning, a university training ground and national program for abortionists.

The alleged log entries, taken from redacted emails between June 2020 and June 2021, are chillingly matter-of-fact about what exactly is being collected.


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