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Disney freezes COVID-19 vaccine mandate for Florida employees after DeSantis signs new legislation

- THE BLAZE - PAUL SACCA - NOV 20, 2021 -

David Roark/Disney Resorts via Getty Images

Disney has reportedly paused its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for Florida employees. The freeze on mandatory vaccinations purportedly stems from new state legislation signed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis this week.

"We believe that our approach to mandatory vaccines has been the right one as we've continued to focus on the safety and well-being of our Cast Members and Guests, and at this point, more than 90% of active Florida-based Cast Members have already verified that they are fully vaccinated," a Disney spokesperson told Fox Business. "We will address legal developments as appropriate."

According to WOFL-TV, Disney informed employees of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate pause in a memo sent out on Friday.

"We remain confident in the approach we have taken with our mandatory vaccine policy for Florida-based Cast Members and employees, with more than 90% of our active Florida-based Cast members and employees having verified that they are fully vaccinated, and we consider this to be very successful," the memo read.


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