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Disney employees speak out: Woke mob has 'hijacked' the company —

- THE BLAZE - PHIL SHIVER - APR 29, 2022 -

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

The Walt Disney Company's wholehearted embrace of the progressive sexual orientation and gender identity movement has rankled not only customers, investors, and Republican politicians in Florida, but now some of the entertainment company's employees are publicly voicing their displeasure.

Speaking with Fox News reporter Raymond Arroyo this week, a handful of Disney employees called out the family entertainment company over its woke activism.

"You can clearly see the magic is gone," one employee said.

"I am deeply saddened by what Disney has chosen to take their stand on politically and just with their money, in general," she continued, noting that she has experienced "such a drastic change" between the time she started working for the company and now.

Another employee said Disney "has made it very clear that conservative Christian voices have no place visiting their parks or working at their parks."

She recalled that over the last year, the company has been "heavy" in its internal communications regarding "things to say" and "things not to say" to visitors in order to avoid hurting people's feelings. Things that cast members were asked not to say allegedly included words such as "he, she, ladies, and gentlemen."


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