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Dennis Prager - A brief guide to leftist destruction

- WORLD NET DAILY - Dennis Prager - NOV 29, 2021 -

To understand the modern world, perhaps the most important rule one needs to know is this: Everything the left touches it ruins.

This first became clear to me years ago during my radio show. I was talking about the left's war on the Boy Scouts (for not accepting announced gay people). It was becoming clear that this would ultimately lead to the decline of the Boy Scouts, which led me to ask: "Will the left replace the Boy Scouts with a left-wing Boy Scouts?"

Then I answered my own question: Of course not. Because the left only destroys; it doesn't build anything (other than government).

In support of that observation, here is a list of many of the things the left ruins and often destroys.

No. 1: Art.

The left long ago conquered the art world. Consequently, since the 20th century, most modern art has been ugly, meaningless and nihilistic – the opposite of what Western art had always been.

No. 2: Music.

What the left did to the eyes in art, it did to the ears in music. As a part-time conductor, I can say with some knowledge that since the invention of atonal music (an oxymoron if there ever were one), most contemporary classical music is also ugly, meaningless and uninspiring. The people who like such music are almost all music critics and, of course, music professors. Most lovers of classical music never listen to the stuff.

No. 3: Journalism.

Journalists were once highly respected. Unless a piece was listed as "opinion," people generally believed they were getting, to the best of a journalist's ability, as truthful a report as possible – "just the facts." Today, on virtually any controversial issue, they are getting opinion, not truth. The purpose of nearly every major newspaper and other "news" outlet is the same purpose Pravda had in the Soviet Union: to transmit the party line.

No. 4: Colleges and universities.

The left has destroyed universities as places of learning devoted to seeking truth and therefore welcoming, even cultivating, diverse opinions. Virtually every left-wing idea was born at a university.


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