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Democrat Voter Fraud: A Brief History

AMERICAN THINKER - J.R. Dunn - DEC 6, 2022

This is a “brief history” because the complete history of Democrat electoral malfeasance reaching back to Tammany Hall and Tweed would require four volumes or more. (I’m running into the same problem with a new book I’m outlining analyzing the Democrats as a criminal organization, much like the Mafia or the Camorra.)


So a brief history it is, limited to the past thirty years or so. Believe you me, there’s no lack of cases even in that short span.

The Dinkins Magic Voting Machines

Just days before voting in the 1993 David Dinkins/Rudolf Giuliani election, the New York Times reported that a number of voting machines had been found in a closed Manhattan school. All the machines were loaded with votes for Democrat incumbent David Dinkins.

Voting proceeded without the help of those machines, and of course Rudy was elected. But that was the end of it. As far as I’ve been able to learn, there was no investigation, no inquiries, or, for that matter, any further reportage on it. A Democrat attempt to steal the NYC mayoral election was flushed down the memory hole.

An Inconvenient Decision

We all know the absurdist story of the 2000 presidential election. But it’s often overlooked that Al Gore was attempting an outright steal of a presidential election, a bold move not to be repeated until 2020 – and he attempted it with the open assistance of the judiciary.

The leftist version is well known, since it’s all we ever hear – George W. Bush was only ahead by 900 votes in Florida when Gore, in the pure interest of fairness, requested a simple recount, at which point the right-wing extremist Supreme Court leapt in and handed the victory to Bush by fiat. (This, by the way, has served as an excuse for all electoral cheating since that point – “the GOP started it in 2000… We have to cheat, to protect democracy.” As to what excuses the myriad cases of cheating that occurred beforehand… well, don’t ask me. I dunno.)

What actually happened is that Gore’s crowd created a strategy in which every possible vote-counting method would be utilized, with recounts repeated as many times as necessary until one was finally discovered that would overturn the results. These included attempts to carry out recounts only in Democrat strongholds such as Dade County while shutting down any such efforts on the Panhandle, home to many military retirees.

The Bush campaign took Gore to court to prevent such schemes, until finally, given the opportunity at last, the Florida State Supreme Court – almost exclusively Democrat-appointed -- found in favor of Gore’s demand that ‘undervotes” – ballots showing no presidential vote at all – be counted, while at the same time “awarding” him nearly 500 votes, a novel concept unheard of in American jurisprudence up to that date.

It was here, facing the prospect of a presidential election thrown by a corrupt Democrat court in full public view and in defiance of established precedent, that the U.S. Supreme Court finally stepped in, overturning the Florida court’s decision and ending the recount circus. Bush won with 537 votes. (A later media recount showed that Bush’s lead would have held in any reasonable recount process.)

Votes from the 8th Dimension

The 2004 Washington state gubernatorial contest between Republican Dino Rossi and Democrat Christine Gregoire ended with Rossi up by 261 votes. A machine recount left him still ahead by 42 votes. The state Democrats paid over $700,000 for a hand recount, and whaddaya know… Votes started appearing from any and all conceivable sources. A bag containing votes here… an electoral official’s car there… it’s surprising they didn’t start falling out of the sky like the frogs in Magnolia.

By the end of the year Gregoire was ahead by 130 votes and was inaugurated on January 12. Rossi, God love him, continued fighting, taking Gregoire to court over the blatantly illegitimate votes. A Pierce County judge tossed the votes out, only to be overruled by the Washington State Supreme Court. A final decision didn’t come for six months, when Judge John Bridges, a Democrat appointee, tossed aside the concept of “chain of custody” to find in favor of Gregoire. Rossi should have continued on to the U.S. Supreme Court – after all, a critical legal concept was being overthrown – but he does get an E for Effort, since he did more than any other Republican in recent memory.

The Washington case enshrined the concept that all Democrat votes, whether they emerged from a portal into hyperspace or were discovered in a 2000 B.C. Sumerian temple, had to be counted no matter what the circumstances. GOP votes… not so much.

Goshdarnit, People Liked Him

A similar chain of events occurred in the election of Al Franken in Minnesota in 2008. Incumbent Norm Coleman originally prevailed with over 700 votes, which were mysteriously whittled down to 200 in short order. Franken called for a recount, and begorrah, the votes suddenly started appearing. Some, anyway -- an envelope of votes from one county simply disappeared, but were counted regardless, the totals evidently being read out from tea leaves. By the time it all ended, Franken was ahead by 312 votes. Coleman, a Republican gentleman of the old school, made perfunctory efforts at protest, but was undercut by the GOP itself, led by former governor Arne Carlson, a RINO to rule them all, who had refused to endorse Coleman during the campaign.

Shortly after the election, it was discovered that at least 1,099 illegal votes had been cast by felons, and this had been known during the vote count, but had been ignored. Franken exchanged his diapers for a suit and spent the better part of two terms voting the way he was told and embarrassing his party before being forced out during the “MeToo” craze.

Trump Agonistes

At this point anyone who needs convincing about cheating during the 2020 election needs their own personal TED Talk covering it. While media keeps telling us it has been “debunked,” they never quite get around to details such as when, where, by whom, and on what grounds.

What’s often overlooked is that 2020 was layered operation, with efforts taking place from the most exalted corridors of power down to the lowest one-legged precinct worker. Consider the Hunter scandal(s). Following the NY Post’s blockbuster report, 52 members of the “Intelligence Community” published a letter in Politico asserting that it was a Russian dezinformatsiya exercise. Intelligence operatives also approached social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook with the same yarn, with Dorsey and Zuckerberg eagerly censoring the story. The entire saga, featuring hookers, crack, stifled investigations, payoffs from China and Ukraine, and 10% for the "Big Guy," was buried until well after the election. This, playmates, goes by the term “election interference.”

Following the vote, polls revealed that up to 17% of voters would not have voted for Biden if they’d known about Hunter’s escapades. That’s the election right there. So how has this been debunked? It hasn’t -- there’s no way it could be; it’s right out there in the open, stinking like a dead skunk. It has simply been ignored.

As for cheating at the voting level, everything that needs to be said was said in 2000 Mules, which summarized True the Vote’s investigation into the “irregularities” surrounding the election. The mechanism was simple: left-wing operatives dumping armfuls of votes into isolated drop-boxes at three in the morning. Literally thousands of hours of footage of this activity exists, and is featured in the film. (My favorite bit of evidence here involves the single bust of voter fraud that occurred – in Louisiana, of all places -- A critical piece of evidence involved fingerprints on the fake ballots. Within hours, vote dumpers across the nation appeared suddenly accoutered with vinyl gloves.)

It seems to me that it would be easy enough to “debunk” this if you really wanted to – simply track down those lefty operatives (we know who they are) and find out what they were actually doing in the middle of the night dropping boxloads of ballots while wearing gloves. If they’ve got a reasonable answer, fine. But they don’t… that’s why such “debunking” has never and will never occur.

True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips were arrested on trumped-up contempt charges just a week before the 2022 election. What a coincidence!


Which brings us to the latest reports, in which the Democrat Party astonished the world by abandoning 170 years of duplicity to allow the first completely clean national election in nearly two centuries.

Actually, no… having gotten away with 2020 -- so far -- the Dems saw no reason to hold back. While something on the order of 400 laws reforming electoral procedures have hit the books since 2020, it wasn’t enough. None of these were in blue states, and few if any in purple ones.

So Fetterman was not elected in Pennsylvania, and Kelly and Hobbs were not elected in Arizona, and Cortez Masto was not elected in Nevada. These are the results of cheating, blatant cheating in Arizona and Pennsylvania (250,000 bogus votes were intercepted in PA before the election, and sequestered by order of both the state and federal Supreme Courts, decisions which acting Secretary of State Leigh M. Chapman ordered election officials to ignore. Does anyone want to bet those were the only ones?)

Arizona is a unique situation, with the contest overseen by… Katie Hobbs, acting as secretary of state. This is unbelievable, the equivalent of putting Hunter Biden in charge of the DEA. Kari Lake is admirable in many ways, but how she allowed this one to get by her I cannot surmise. This should have been a major issue from day one and fought relentlessly all the way through. It’s a simple fact of nature: give a Democrat an opportunity to cheat, and cheating will happen, as the sparks fly upward. There is no excuse for overlooking this by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Once again, we need to call on Goldfinger’s dictum: once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action. We are way past “three times” at this point.

Three points follow. First, Democrat electoral cheating is not a Trump fantasy. The Dems have been cheating since they first emerged from the roiling chaos of Andrew Jackson’s id. Tammany, the Locofocos, the Jim Crow South, Frank Hague, Tom Pendergast, Harry Hopkins, the Cook County machine, Joe Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson… It’s one long saga of corruption from beginning to end. The suggestion that the Dems are totally corrupt in their approach to elections is not a novelty, nor is it a slander. It is a simple statement of fact. Claims to the contrary are nonsense, as are the media assist-me-to-my-fainting-couch fits every time the topic comes up.

The Dems have taken a system of fraud developed over a century’s time and steadily weaponized it over the past three decades. It is a science at this point. Its most glaring weakness is that, like any con, it requires near-open cooperation from its victims to work.

Which the GOPe has been happy to supply. Republicans have made next to no effort at any point to put a stop to it. Not even Rudy, the GOP’s attack dog, made an effort to shine a spotlight on Dinkins and his little games. And if the man who took down the New York mob wouldn’t touch it, what can we expect from the flock of capons currently running the Republican Party?

Years ago, when I was in real estate in New Jersey, there was an immigrant from a Slavic country living in downtown Passaic. He had been mugged over sixty times.

Local thugs would wait until he left to shop for groceries, then follow him to the store and simply relieve him of the bag when he emerged. The city cops offered him a radio (this was well before the cellphone era) so that he could summon them when it happened again. “No, no,” he wailed. “It would only be taken from me.”

The emotions aroused by this story include pity, sympathy, and heavy admixture of glee and contempt. This may seem mean, but it’s also healthy.

The Republican response to Dem electoral cheating arises from the same source, a gutlessness indistinguishable from sheer cowardice.

Things may at last be changing. Trump blew the whistle on the whole scam – one of the major reasons they hate him. Now Kari Lake is redeeming herself by promising to hammer Kathy Hobbs and the Arizona Dems for as long as it takes. This is a good start -- but it’s only a start.

There are dozens – perhaps as many as a hundred – populist conservatives joining Congress at the beginning of next year. Investigating voter fraud (particularly involving Hobbs, and her snipers on the rooftop) represents their opportunity to make their mark.

This is the second election in a row marked by impossible results. Not “extraordinary,” not “unusual,” but impossible. Joe Biden did not get 81 million votes. Fetterman could not have been elected by a sane electorate. Catherine Cortez Masto was not saved by magic votes arising from spontaneous generation. All these outcomes are outside the realm of the possible. All were produced by a sophisticated, highly developed system of cheating. Eventually, we’ll have to put a stop to it, one way or another.


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