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Democrat Bill To Vaccinate of Children Without Parental Consent


A bill straight out of Gavin Newsom’s playbook is being introduced in Maryland. The State of Maryland could be the next state to allow children to get vaccinated without parental consent.

Senate Bill 378 would allow minors to consent to vaccination. There is NO age requirement for a minor having the ability to give consent. A minor aged 14 or older would have the same capacity as an adult to consent to vaccination. BUT a minor under 14 years old, “including a minor who is developmentally disabled or unemancipated” can also consent to vaccination if a “healthcare worker” determines the minor is of sufficient intelligence to understand and “appreciate the need for, nature of and the significant risks and consequences of the vaccination.”

Read this next section carefully. A minor has the ability to give consent for vaccination but cannot refuse vaccination if the parent wants their child to be vaccinated. This has nothing to do with making decisions based on personal risk and benefits. Basically, your agreement to be vaccinated is needed, otherwise someone else will be found to agree for you.

t gets better. If your child gets vaccinated without your consent or knowledge the bill specifically prohibits the medical records or billing records from being released to you without the minor’s consent.

Of course, no one is liable. The bill includes a protection clause. They get to directly influence your child, without your consent or knowledge, vaccinate them and not be held accountable for anything that happens.

What happens when the local CVS pharmacist, based on a 20-second conversation, deems your child capable of giving consent to vaccination and they have an adverse event? Who is responsible?

Answer: NO ONE! You won’t even be able to get the receipt.

Maryland wants to throw away your parental rights. How impressionable are our young minds? With all the propaganda in schools, they could easily convince children to “consent” to vaccination. Imagine mass vaccination day at school. Everyone is doing it!

Isn’t it the job of the parents to protect the children? Parents make the decisions in the best interest of the child. The child shouldn’t be making these decisions.

If this passes in Maryland, it could soon come to a state near you. By setting the precedent, it will become more widespread in other areas. Thankfully, California just dropped its plan to have a vaccine mandate for schoolchildren.

Just who is the senator that introduced this bill? Democrat State Senator and vaccine investor, Cheryl C. Kagan. According to a 2022 financial disclosure owns stock in three vaccine companies:

  • Novavax Inc (COVID-19 Vaccine)

  • Emergent Biosolution (Smallpox Vaccine)

  • Aptevo Therapeutics (Biotech company)

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