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Deace: How the hell did parents lose so much control in our schools?


Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images

"Just the good ol' boys, wouldn't change if they could." — "Dukes of Hazzard," Waylon Jennings

But that was then, in the fictional Hazzard County, when things made much more sense. Now we all apparently live in Hazard, Kentucky, where I introduced you on my show the other day to a drag strip show put on by students with the full endorsement and participation of the faculty.

The lesson is that if this can happen in Kentucky, then it can happen anywhere. And it is, right here in my home state of Iowa, which appears to be trending more and more red by the day politically, but culturally is still plagued by cancerous progressive growths in many of its school districts.

The Des Moines suburb of Waukee has been a battleground the last few weeks as Rainbow Jihad erotica has been discovered in school libraries. With parents and taxpayers preparing to vote in school board elections on Nov. 2, the debate about parent input and control of their children's education has taken on as much energy as I've ever seen.

The mom who read the smut out loud in front of the school board, as well as showed them graphic pictures from one of the books, deserves a thousand gold stars for her civic fortitude. So does another Waukee parent for informing me that the school district's mask-optional policy may be getting blown up by the mask cult.


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