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Cracks in the bulwarks of decency


UAE officials waving goodbye to Israel delegation, August 2020

Why are The Critic and the Spectator rehashing inane anti-Israel malice?

In the past few weeks, two especially egregious examples of Israel demonisation and delegitimisation have surfaced in mainstream media magazines.

The first, in The Critic, was by Janine di Giovanni which you can read here. The second, by Rian Malan in 2010, was republished in the Spectator and you can read that one here.

Both have been eviscerated by Adam Levick of Camera UK here and here.

Di Giovanni’s article consisted of boiler-plate Israel-bashing, rehashing knee-jerk falsehoods about the “occupation,” air-brushing out of the picture Palestinian war-crimes against Israel and malevolently depicting Israel instead as the aggressor — the kind of lazy malice that you can read year in, year out in the Guardian, New York Times, Socialist Worker or other Palestinian-narrative propaganda sheets.


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