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“COVID onto the World Stage”: Medical Coercion, The Quintessence of Tyranny

GLOBAL RESEARCH - Dr. Emanuel Garcia - SEP 5, 2022

I went to medical school to become a psychoanalyst. It was a time when, in the early 1980s, lay – non-medical – analysts were small in number and frowned upon in America. I knew that my road would be a difficult one but I also cherished becoming a real doctor of medicine. The mysteries of the human body, and the connection of the body to the human mind, fascinated me endlessly. When I graduated in 1986 I took the Oath of Hippocrates, whose principal tenet was to do no harm.

The prohibition not to harm was codified by the famous Greek physician because the potential to do harm, as a physician, was immense. Consulting a healer, on whom the hopes for treatment and recovery depend, becomes something akin to a sacred act of trust, because a person suffering, a person weakened and perhaps even terrified by illness, is at his or her most vulnerable. The physician therefore becomes a wielder of immense power over the supplicating patient. The laying on of hands during a doctor’s physical examination is an activity fraught with portent, and the allowances granted to a physician into the hidden recesses of the labyrinths of mind and body are unique and extraordinary.

As a result of this disparity in power, and the belief and trust in the expertise of the healing authority, a physician’s recommendations to a patient carry extraordinarily persuasive weight.

With the introduction of COVID onto the world stage, something uncanny and remarkable occurred. Aside from the global lockdowns – a term, incidentally, I had only associated with prison emergencies – and the commands to distance and wear masks, all of which had no basis in any reputable science, I was impressed most deeply by two things:

1) the absence of any vigorous attempt to treat patients unless they had reached a point of crisis and required hospitalisation, and

2) the universal push to use a so-called vaccine that had been developed hastily and was by definition experimental

Those doctors who attempted, as doctors should, to emphasize informed consent, and who were reluctant to recommend a novel agent universally in a kind of one-size-fits-all approach advocated by public health officials, soon found themselves under investigation by regulatory agencies. Here in New Zealand physicians who spoke out on behalf of basic medical principles, and who did as doctors should do by advocating early treatment and prevention, and who refrained from assuming that warp-speed ‘vaccines’ would miraculously have no adverse effects – these doctors have been harassed and persecuted by the Medical Council of New Zealand.

Other doctors – a very vast majority – did as they were told by the government.

It is one thing for warlords and ruling cabals and governmental cliques and ministries to exert powers of tyranny. For example, during the Peloponnesian Wars the democratic city-state of Athens approached the inhabitants of Melos, an island that sought to be neutral. Athens demanded that the Melians submit to their rule upon pain of conquest, and the Athenians justified their demands by reference to a brutal law of power: the strong do what they can and the weak must accept it. In the end the Melians resisted and Athens subjugated the island, killing the men and enslaving the women and children.

The history of the world is replete with many such examples of the sheer use of authoritative force. But it is another thing for physicians to allow such tyranny into their sacrosanct spaces.

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