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Covid Deaths in the “Vaccinated” Rise While Those in the Unvaccinated Fall


But still the deadly Democrats mandate we jab our children with the suss vax.

While the death rate in the unvaccinated has been in a strong trend downwards since the start of the year, the death rate in the vaccinated has been trending upwards.

The following is based on collected data and medical facts as recorded by government departments and appear in various formats available to the public. Much of this data has been withheld from the public – the last great scandal until Ukraine blew all news off the airwaves: CDC is refusing to publish data it has collected on the vaccine. Not that the media has the least inclination to cover accurate COVID news and data. They are in the panic porn and fearmongering business jumping from ‘we’re all gonna die!” lie to another.

While this information can be accessed by every media organization, not one of them has bothered to even mention the data or its implication

The Scottish government, for example, has recently withheld the data for all Covid vaccine-related deaths in the 18-49 age group. They say it is to prevent “misinterpretation” and “disinformation” being used by “right-wingers” “conspiracy theorists/nutcases” and “anti-vaxxers,” rather than give the real reason: the “vaccines” are responsible for killing people at an ever-increasing rate and the data proves it beyond doubt.

The first chart for today shows the excess deaths in Israel since 2017 for those aged 65 or over. Just something to think about and I’ll come back to it at the end.


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