COVID-19: Vaccinated people must stick to lockdown rules as they may spread coronavirus

- SKY NEWS - Jan 24, 2021 -

The vaccine can prevent serious illness but it is not yet known if it prevents transmission of COVID-19

Those who are vaccinated but do not obey the social distancing rules could be prolonging the country's restrictions.

Getting your COVID-19 vaccination does not mean you can liberate yourself from lockdown or other restrictions.

That is the warning from England's deputy chief medical officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, who says the millions of people who have received their jab must still obey social-distancing rules.

Those who refuse risk prolonging the pandemic and its associated restrictions, he said, adding that they could also be putting at risk those who are vulnerable but further down the priority list.

Some 478,248 people received a vaccine dose on Saturday, meaning 5.8 million people have had the first of two required doses.


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