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COVID-19: Piloting domestic coronavirus passports 'the right thing to do', says vaccines minister government is keeping open the possibility of COVID passports being used widely later this year - despite a growing backlash

'It's responsible' to consider vaccine passports

- SKY NEWS - Apr 6, 2021 -

Greg Heffer -

Looking at the use of domestic COVID passports for people attending pubs and restaurants is "only the right thing to do", the vaccines minister has told Sky News.

adhim Zahawi admitted that requiring people to show certification before entering some venues "does throw up a number of difficult, ethical questions".

But he stressed the government would push on with piloting a COVID passport scheme at events such as the FA Cup final, as he suggested it would be "completely remiss and irresponsible" of ministers not to trial proposals.

Mr Zahawi confirmed people attending pubs and restaurants this month and next month - when allowed under stages two and three of the government's roadmap for easing lockdown restrictions - would not be required to show certification.

On 12 April, pubs and restaurants will be able to serve people outdoors, while indoor serving is set to resume from 17 May.

But Mr Zahawi also defended the government's decision to keep open the possibility of COVID passports - based on whether someone tests negative, has been vaccinated or has immunity after recovering from the disease - being more widely used later this year.

"For international travel, if our citizens need to travel at the right time when - obviously - international travel returns, we will make sure they're able to demonstrate their certification," he said.

"Whether it be a pre-departure test certificate or a vaccination test certificate.


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