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Coroner Confirms Vaccine to Blame for News Presenter’s Death


We’ve all heard it probably about a million times already: the vaccine is safe. We hear it from politicians, we hear it from doctors, we hear it in both TV and radio commercials. And now that it’s been officially approved by the FDA, at least in the case of the popular Pfizer double-jab, people are even more willing to believe it.

But does that actually make it so? I would vote no.

Why? Well, there have quite simply been far too many cases of extreme and dangerous, albeit rare, occurrences to develop since the introduction of the vaccine and its many forms.

Take what happened to BBC Radio Newcastle host Lisa Shaw, for instance.

Like most of those working on the frontlines and in constant contact with the outside world, Shaw was heavily encouraged to get the vaccine and as soon as possible. And so, she did, in late April.

However, unlike most, she experienced some rather bizarre and immediate side effects, none of which could be explained by anything other than the vaccine.

According to BBC, Shaw began to experience some severe headaches, several lasting for days on end. After one such experience on May 13, less than a month after her first dose of the vaccine, she was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital.

Dr. John Holmes of University Hospital of North Durham remembers Shaw describing the headaches as “shooting and stabbing” and being located all across her forehead and behind her eyes. He conducted a multitude of tests, all of which revealed that several blood clots had formed in her brain, clearly a severe problem and one that could be fatal.

According to the BBC, due to the severity of Shaw’s case, she was soon moved to Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary and admitted to their neurology specialist unit. There was administered treatment by Dr. Christopher Johnson.


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