Coronavirus: The heat maps that show why Greater Manchester has moved to Tier 3

- SKY NEWS - Oct 21, 2020 -

Amy Coles -

Heat maps show COVID-19 spread by age and region

Greater Manchester will move to the top COVID alert level from Friday, putting 2.8 million people under the toughest restrictions.

During a news conference on Tuesday evening, Boris Johnson confirmed the region would enter Tier 3 - meaning measures that will force more businesses to shut.

The decision came after 10 days of talks with local leaders ended without a deal, with Greater Manchester's mayor Andy Burnham having led calls for greater financial support than what was on offer from the government.

Mr Johnson said he "regretted" having to impose COVID-19 rules that would close down many businesses.

But he added: "Given the public health situation, we must proceed because not to act will put Manchester's NHS, and the lives of Manchester's residents, at risk."

During the conference, the prime minister was joined by England's deputy chief medical officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, and Professor Stephen Powis, medical director of NHS England.

Together they laid out how the virus is surging in Greater Manchester and why the latest restrictions are needed.


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