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Coronavirus Hysteria Is Simply Too Ridiculous to Continue

- AMERICAN THINKER - Dec 2, 2020 -

The ignorance and the lies concerning the Wuhan virus can't continue much longer, because time is simply revealing the truth about it. As we continue to suffer under foolish Wuhan virus restrictions, and as many parts of the U.S. — especially those under the rule of Democrats — are again ramping up the shutdowns and the lockdowns, more and more Americans are beginning to see what many of us have long known: the Wuhan virus data simply don't match the Wuhan virus hysteria. The evidence of this continues to pile up.

As they near the end of the first semester, U.S. schools provide some of the best evidence for those sick of shutdown politics and propaganda. In spite of millions of U.S. students attending in-person classes, nowhere in America are school-aged students suffering in any significant way from the Wuhan virus. And don't tell me about "cases." As I've long noted when it comes to the Wuhan virus, cases without context are meaningless.

Andrew Bostom again provides us with some important context on Wuhan virus cases. As of early October, in spite of nearly seventy thousand reported Wuhan virus "cases" across 50 U.S. colleges and universities, there were only three hospitalizations and zero deaths! Almost certainly, numbers across all of America's K–12 schools are similar. We can be nearly certain that if this were not the case, a media establishment desperate to further the shutdown narrative would tell us so. (The media have already been caught multiple times publishing fake news on this matter.)

Months-old data out of Europe told us that schoolchildren were in little to no danger from the Wuhan virus. As City Journal recently reported:


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