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Confirmed: Google Terminated Project Dragonfly, Its Censored Chinese Search Engine

- FORBES - Jeb Su - JUL 19, 2019 -

This week, Google admitted that it canceled its secret and controversial plan to build a Chinese... [+] GETTY

At a Senate Judiciary hearing earlier this week, Google's vice president of public policy, Karan Bhatia, confirmed that the tech giant has abandoned work on its secret project codenamed Dragonfly, a censored search engine tailored for the Chinese market.

"We have terminated Project Dragonfly," confirmed Bhatia in response to Senator Josh Hawley’s questions on Google’s activities, past, and present, in China.

“You’re happy to censor for the repressive authoritarian Chinese regime like for instance with,” said Hawley (R-Missouri). “Happy to censor away any mention of Tiananmen Square, happy to help the Chinese government maintain control of all information within the country, happy to help them control the information flow to their own citizens. You're happy to do all of that. Wouldn't you call that censorship with an ideological agenda?”

According to Bhatia, Google exited China in 2010 because the tech giant at that point, in addition to being under cyberattack, felt that the censorship requirements that were being applied to Google were not compatible with its mission at that time.


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