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Combatting Communism in Latin America

Breaking Down the Myth of Socialist Healthcare in Cuba


Welcome back to our weekly update. The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) is spotlighting the eyewitness testimonies of individuals who are exposing the latest examples of the tyranny of communism in Cuba and Venezuela.

On Wednesday, July 7, we are co-hosting an online event about Cuba's nationalized socialist healthcare system with Fundación Internacional Bases, an institution focused on promoting the values of freedom and driving reforms. In next week's discussion, moderated by VOC Director of Latin American Programs Dr. Carlos Ponce, our policy analysts will present facts and evidence to disprove the popular enduring myths of the "success" of socialist healthcare in Cuba, perpetuated by the regime's falsification and manipulation of its statistics, its coverup of the reality of its discriminatory 3-tiered medical system, and the coercive slave system undergirding its so-called humanitarian "doctors abroad missions." Our expert speakers include Franco Martín López and Santiago Remón, from Fundación Internacional Bases, who will present their organization's recent report entitled “The Myth of Cuban Health," and Mamela Fiallo Flor, co-founder of Instituto Mises Mambí and Latin America spokesperson for the Cuban Libertarian Party, who will talk to us in detail about the specific failures and human destructiveness of socialism in Cuba and other Latin American countries. This event will be held in Spanish.

VOC is also conducting a photography contest for professional and amateur photographers in an effort to remember "the Venezuela that used to be" before the start of Maduro's socialist regime. The contest is open now until July 31 to Venezuelan nationals or foreigners with more than 20 years of residence in the country. Please see below for further contest details and to access the application form.

On July 7, VOC and Fundación Internacional Bases are proud to co-host an online event about the myths of socialist healthcare in Cuba. Experts:

  • Mamela Fiallo Flor, Co-Founder, Instituto Mises Mambí de Cuba & Spokesperson for Latin America, Cuban Libertarian Party

  • Franco Martín López, Executive Director, Fundación Internacional Bases

  • Santiago Remón, Researcher and Collaborator, Fundación Internacional Bases

  • Moderated by Dr. Carlos Ponce, Director of Latin American Programs, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation

Hear our noted authorities expose the lies, coverups, and deceit that promote the main myths of socialist healthcare in Cuba, specifically those that seek to cover up the reality of its medical system that is riddled with corruption, high prices, and shortages, and where treatment and health decisions are tainted by politics, favoritism, and government coercion.

"Breaking Down the Myth of Socialist Healthcare in Cuba" Wednesday, July 7 6:00 p.m. EDT This event will be held in Spanish. REGISTRE-SE AQUI:

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