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College prof appears to say on video there's nothing wrong with adult-child sex


A college professor appears to say in a video interview that he sees nothing immoral about sex between adults and children. With that the college's president called the professor's words "reprehensible," and now the school is investigating.

What are the details?

WIVB-TV reported that video clips in question appear to show philosophy professor Stephen Kershnar discussing sex between adults and children. In the clips Kershnar seems to make it clear he finds nothing immoral about adult-child sex.

Here's one clip. There is no obvious origin or context for the clip at present, and there appears to be a single cut in the video of him speaking:

He says, "Imagine that an adult male wants to have sex with a 12-year-old girl. Imagine that she's a willing participant. [cut] A very standard, very widely held view that there's something deeply wrong with this, and it's wrong independent of it being criminalized. It's not obvious to me that it is, in fact, wrong; I think this is a mistake. And I think exploring why it's a mistake will tell us not only things about adult-child sex and statutory rape but also about fundamental principles of morality."


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