COLLAPSE?! A coming hyperinflation event, growing powers of the Fed & our crashing dollar

GLENN BACK - Aug 10, 2020 - Youtube

The Fed has printed 90 YEARS of currency in just the last 90 days, and we're now staring down the barrel of a certain hyperinflation event in our economy that -- throughout history -- has always resulted in higher prices for everything. We're already seeing inflation occur now in the stock market, the value of our dollar crashing overseas, and the Fed growing with more and more powers and control as they continue to print money and buy our debt. Meanwhile, it's being given new (hidden) powers by Democrats -- like the potential to create a bank account of every American citizen and directly deposit digital money inside. We've fooled ourselves into thinking we have a free market, but the Fed's expansive powers prove otherwise. We WILL get through this, but the era of cheap T-shirts at Walmart may be over for good.


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