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CNN+ reportedly draws fewer than 10,000 daily viewers

- NEW YORK POST - Ariel Zilber - APR 12, 2022 -

They are such Democrat apparatchiks, they could have ten viewers but would never be moved to stop the leftist propaganda and pain. Sick.

They are not a news organization. They are a disinformation psyop.

“The miniscule audience, which was first reported by CNBC, does not bode well for the channel’s future, particularly after the network poured in an estimated $250 million to launch and market the service.”

The embattled CNN cable network looks to have another situation on its hands: the underwhelming launch of its new streaming service, CNN+.

The service’s total number of daily viewers has yet to surpass 10,000, according to reports — fueling speculation that the network’s new parent company, Discovery WarnerMedia, could be pushed into slashing costs even as CNN+ tries to get off the ground.

The latest black eye for the left-leaning network comes after a tumultuous year when its chief, Jeff Zucker, stepped down after admitting to a consensual relationship with Allison Gollust, his former lieutenant at the company. It also comes after star anchor Chris Cuomo was fired for his involvement advising his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as he faced a sexual harassment scandal.

The fledgling streaming network has pushed for big names to draw people to the service, including hiring former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace……..

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