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Chuck Schumer: US has worker shortage because Trump didn't let illegals flock into the country

- THE BLAZE - PHIL SHIVER - SET 21, 2021 -

Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) recently blamed America's current labor shortage, in part, on former President Donald Trump's efforts to fight illegal immigration.

What did he say?

Speaking with reporters Monday after the Senate parliamentarian ruled against including a pathway to citizenship in the forthcoming budget reconciliation, Schumer claimed that one of the major reasons for the worker shortage has to do with "how Trump cut back on immigrants."

"The American people understand that fixing our broken immigration system is a moral imperative [and] also an economic imperative because immigrants are so important to our economy," the top Democrat said.

"Talk about shortage of workers — one of the main reasons is how Trump cut back on immigrants, both documented and undocumented," he argued.

The lawmaker added earlier, in specific reference to the Senate parliamentarian's ruling, that the decision was "extremely disappointing" to him.

"It saddened me, it frustrated me, it angered me, because so many lives are at stake. But, make no mistake, the fight continues," he said.


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