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China 2050 - The Path to Domination


Ever notice how Greta Thunberg never calls out China for its Greenhouse Gases? Between 2000 and 2018, China’s annual carbon emissions nearly tripled. In 2019, China produced one third of the world’s total, at 13.92 billion tonnes, twice as much as the US.

China produces 60% of its energy from coal, having quadrupled its consumption of coal between 1990 and 2015 and having opened three-quarters of the world’s newly funded coal power plants in 2020 and accounting for more than 80% of newly-announced coal power projects. Yet Greta Thunberg studiously ignores this 800 lbs. gorilla.

In this video, Historian, Dr. John Robson of the Climate Discussion Nexus warns of the interesting “coincidence” of the Green movement’s “Net Zero” plan and the Chinese Communist Party’s “Hundred Year Marathon” plan, both of which would leave the West crippled by rejection of fossil fuels by 2050, while China became globally dominant by exploiting them.

“There are two different visions out there of what the world ought to look like in 2050. One of them is called Net Zero, which says that within three decades, the world must all but eliminate fossil fuel use and get carbon dioxide emissions down to Zero Net of the amount plants and trees absorb.

“So many politicians business leaders bankers and academics around the world are calling for net zero that you might think it’s solidly based on science but it’s not. Many experts dispute the necessity of this 2050 plan and indeed its feasibility. They say the worst case scenario for the impacts of climate change over the coming 30 years won’t be nearly as costly as the impact of getting rid of fossil fuels. They say trying to get to Net Zero in such short time could destroy our prosperity and weaken us internationally and they say we couldn’t get there even if we tried.

“Despite these objections and with virtually no public debate, governments throughout the Western World are embracing the goal of net zero by 2050 and are preparing to impose the target, regardless of the costs…

“There’s yet another very different idea of what the world should look like in 2050 that you may not have heard of. It’s not exactly a secret but Western governments and journalists ignore it, just as they ignore skepticism about Net Zero. This other vision is called the “Hundred Year Marathon” and it’s like a mirror image of Net Zero, because it’s the Chinese Politburo’s elaborate and ambitious scheme to build up their nation’s economy and its global power so that by 2049, the 100th anniversary of Mao Zedong’s seizure of power, China will be the world’s dominant superpower and then, starting in 2050, the ideology that guides the Chinese Communist Party will spread around the globe, achieving what they like to call “harmony”, although a better name for it would be world domination – and Corporate Fascism…

“In 2013, Chairman Xi delivered a confidential speech called Document No. 9, which outlines the seven false ideologies that the CCP must repress at all costs:

1) Western-style constitutional democracy

2) The belief in universal values

3) Civil society or

4) Individual rights

5) Free market economics

6) Independent journalism

7) Historical nihilism, which means questioning Maoist doctrine and anything that undermines the Socialist nature of China.

“In that speech, he also referred to the ‘Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, according to China expert, Michael Pillsbury. This is code for righting the historical wrongs that have prevented China from reaching its destiny of being the dominant nation in the world. They don’t simply want to be successful, to be secure, to be an equal and respected partner in a multipolar world. They believe in the saying attributed to Confucius, that ‘There can only be one Sun up in the sky.’

“There can only be one dominant superpower and according to the chauvinistic, belligerent and frankly rather weird reading of history, China was destined to fill that role until its humiliation by the aggressive West in the early 1800s.

“But by 2049, they will have righted that wrong and completed their rejuvenation – or died trying, along with anyone who gets in their way.”


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