China’s nationalist turn under Xi Jinping

- THE HINDU - Sep 21, 2020 -

Ananth Krishnan -

How he established himself in the Party lexicon as its third great leader, after Mao and Deng

As a reporter for The Hindu and then India Today from 2009 to 2018, Ananth Krishnan travelled the length and breadth of China. His new book, India’s China Challenge: A Journey through China’s Rise and What It Means for India, provides an on-the-ground perspective of China’s political, economic and social transformations over the past decade, and what they mean for India. An excerpt:

Xi Jinping had to apply no less than eight times before getting into the Communist Youth League — an organisation for young Party members. He then had to again apply ten times before the Communist Party accepted him — all because of his family’s history.

Xi’s father, Xi Zhongxun, was Red royalty — a hero of the Communist revolution. But he would later fall out with Mao Zedong, and had to endure humiliating public ‘struggle sessions’ at the hands of Mao’s Red Guards.



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