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China’s Fentanyl War on the U.S.; Signs of China Regime’s Collapse. Feat. Gordon Chang

- WIDE ANGLE - JULY 2021 - Gordon Chang -


U.S-foreign relations analyst, Gordon Chang left China, after a 5 year stay in 2001, feeling that the country was headed for disaster. His prediction is now playing out in many ways, particularly in China’s crumbling foreign relations.

But, this isn’t surprising, considering The Chinese Communist Party’s offensives against foreign nations, particularly the U.S., are enough to raise the ire of even its once staunchest allies.

“What the Party wants to do is weaken the United States and they want to kill Americans,” Gordon says.

“We should look at those 53,000 or so Americans who died last year from fentanyl as murdered by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Border security intel suggests that all of the fentanyl that’s entering the U.S. is coming from China.

Meanwhile, erratic economic practices are giving the global community another reason to keep its distance from the China regime.


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