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CDC quietly removed school guidance for eliminating masks, rolling back COVID-19 prevention efforts

- FOX NEWS - Joe Schoffstall - SEP 24, 2021 -

CDC guidance no longer outlines ways schools can roll back COVID-19 protocols

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly removed guidance for phasing out masks and other COVID-19 mitigation efforts in schools, cached versions of the agency’s website show.

The CDC made the changes when it updated its guidance on universal indoor masking for students, staff, teachers and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of their vaccination status, on Aug. 5.

"We believe that our state, as well as teachers unions, probably had an influence over this change," Jonathan Zachreson, an advocate for fully reopening California schools, told Fox News. "It's basically mask indefinitely in schools forever, and there is no off-ramps. So it's really disappointing to see that."

Teachers unions have previously influenced changes to the CDC’s school-related guidance, reports have shown.

CDC spokeswoman Jade Fulce told Fox News that guidance is "always being revised based on the current epidemiology" and that increases in the delta variant and low vaccination coverage in some communities led to the changes.

But the CDC’s previous guidance only suggested transitioning out of COVID-19 precautions, including masking students, as cases decreased. So mitigation efforts would remain in the case of a surge or a high infection rate.

The language in the agency’s "Guidance for Covid-19 Prevention in K-12 Schools," intended to help school administrators and local health officials transition from prevention strategies as cases moved to lower levels, was removed after Aug. 4, a cached version of the webpage shows.


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