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C0V1D-I9: The Legacy Media Exposed - Kristi Leigh, former TV anchor

Peter R. Breggin, MD - SEP 16, 2021 - BRIGHTEON -

The Liberation of a Journalist During COVID-19

Kristi Leigh, former TV anchor, newly independent journalist, in a deeply personal and profoundly political interview, describes her journey from reading fraudulent scripts on camera to unleashing herself as an investigative journalist. For me, Kristi’s personal story of change during COVID-19 is inspiring and I am glad to share it with others who may be afraid to “pivot” and go in new directions. Equally important from my viewpoint, she educates me and you with her detailed personal description of how Big Media controls America and the world through the parroting of talking heads in the media. You will also learn how Kristi’s self-transformation is helping me and my wife Ginger make a quantum leap in communicating with the world about standing up for freedom in these critical days ahead.


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