Brexit lift-off: UK could forge £20trillion trading bloc with US to 'eclipse EU’

EXPRESS - Aug 16, 2020 -


THE UK will forge a post-Brexit 'Anglophone alliance' with the United States worth an eye-watering £20 trillion, an expert has claimed, packing significantly more financial firepower than the European Union can muster.

Boris Johnson's UK can forge an alliance with Donald Trump's US worth £20trillion, said Ray Bassett (Image: GETTY)

He added: "The aim of these arrangements, with Canada and the United States, would be the creation of an Anglophone North Atlantic Free Trade and Investment Area, involving both North American countries and the UK."

According to data carried on the International Monetary Fund's website, the combined GDP of the three nations as of 2020 totals just over £20.5trillion more than £19trillon ($25trillion) - more than £5trillion more than the EU's total, which is slightly less than £15trillion.

The UK would bring with it a GDP of almost $3trillion, Mr Bassett said.

Mr Bassett said: "During his visit to the UK in June 2019, President Trump was enthusiastic about a bilateral deal with the UK,starting that the US is committed to a "phenomenal trade deal" with the UK as soon as it leaves the EU.

"When Ireland's two biggest trading partners start moving towards a mutually beneficial new agreement, it is time to take serious note."

Ireland was heavily reliant on American investment and "easy trade arrangements" between the EU and the USA, Mr Bassett said.


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