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BREAKING: Liberal CA, OR, WA to end K-12 school mask mandates mid-March

- SARA CARTER - STAFF - FEB 28, 2022 -

The most liberal of liberal states are relaxing Covid-19 mask mandates following the CDC’s updated guidance. California, Oregon and Washington state announced they will drop their mask mandates for K-12 public schools beginning March 12th.

In a joint statement released Monday, the governors announced “with declining case rates and hospitalizations across the west, California, Oregon and Washington are moving together to update their masking guidance.”

For all three states, the guidance also applies to most indoor settings in addition to schools. What was recently justification for Democrats to fire federal employees is now a moot point, long after thousands of nurses, teachers, law enforcement and military personnel have been fired.

Republicans, many of which eased requirements months ago, lament that the science has not changed, and Democrat leadership is far behind. New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York Governor Kathy Hochul recently cancelled mask mandates for indoor settings and public schools.

Adams also dropped the vaccine passport requirement for recreational venues in New York City beginning early March. National Review writes the “inter-state movement to ease pandemic restrictions suggests a growing consensus that Covid-19 is becoming endemic, and that citizens must learn to live with it to avoid further disrupting economies, livelihoods, and children, who many parents claim have born the brunt of restrictions in the form of academic and social regression.”

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