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Braverman says white people should not feel guilty over historical role in slavery

- BRTIMAX NEWS - STAFF - MAY 16, 2023 -

Suella Braverman insisted in the war on woke that white people should not feel collective guilt for their historical role in slavery.

In a fiery address, the Home Secretary slammed political correctness, claiming that the white people “does not exist in a special state of sin” and that no one should be held accountable for previous actions.

Ms Braverman, an immigrant’s daughter, went on to criticise those obsessed with rewriting history, saying, “I think the Left can only sell its vision for the future by making people feel terrible about our past.”

“White people do not exist in a special state of sin or collective guilt. Nobody should be blamed for things that happened before they were born.


“The defining feature of this country’s relationship with slavery is not that we practised it but that we led the way in abolishing it. We should be proud of who we are. But look at what the radical Left is preoccupied with: Decolonising the curriculum, demanding reparations, denigrating our heroes and tearing down statues.

“These all aim at undermining decent people’s belief in the goodness of their country. And when the silent majority is compelled to raise its voice in objection, we’re attacked as the extremists. We’re the ones accused of fighting a culture war.”

Members of her audience at the National Conservatism Conference in London applauded as Ms Braverman said yesterday: “I’m not embarrassed to say that I love Britain. Or that I trust the judgment of the British people.

“I suspect Keir Starmer doesn’t, which is why he’s secretly drawing up plans to enfranchise millions of Europeans instead.”

The Home Secretary added: “But I think there is something deeper going on here.”

Since the Black Lives Matter rallies in 2020, dozens of monuments, plaques, and other memorials to historical persons who were slave traffickers and colonialists have been dismantled.

There have also been requests for institutions to change their fees in order to address colonialism’s legacy.

Ms Braverman said in a wide-ranging speech that it is not hypocritical for her as a child of migrants to advocate for lower migration into Britain, stating that “you cannot have immigration without integration” and that “the unexamined drive towards multiculturalism” is a “recipe for communal disaster.”

She said people who come to the UK “must not commit crimes” but need to learn English and to understand British social norms, adding that they “cannot simply turn up and say, ‘I live here now, you have to look after me’”.

Ms Braverman said her parents “embraced British values” when they moved from Mauritius and Kenya. She went on: “If we lack the confidence to promote our culture, to defend our values and venerate our past, then we have nothing to integrate people into.”


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