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Boris Johnson's cabinet reshuffle: Who's in and who's out as prime minister changes his top team

- SKY NEWS - SEP 16, 2021 - Alan McGuinness -

There have been a number of departures, as well as ministers changing roles

Gavin Williamson's sacking as education secretary and Dominic Raab being moved from foreign secretary are the major headlines as the prime minister carries out a reshuffle.

Boris Johnson has shaken up his top team, and there have been some notable casualties in his latest reshuffle.

This is who is in and who is out of the prime minister's cabinet, as well as those who have moved roles.

After a difficult 18 months as education secretary amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Gavin Williamson has been removed from the role.

In a Twitter post, Mr Williamson said it had been a "privilege to serve as education secretary since 2019".


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