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Boris Johnson meets Bill Gates to discuss plans to prevent future pandemics

- TELEGRAPH AND ARGUR - Nov 10, 2020 -

By Press Association 2021 -

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Dominic Lipinski/PA) AND BILL GATES

Boris Johnson said it will take a “truly global endeavour” to prevent future pandemics, as he met Bill Gates to discuss how governments can prepare.

The Prime Minister said the Microsoft co-founder “sounded the alarm” about how unprepared the world was for a global health crisis, long before coronavirus.

He added that leaders must now “heed his call” to stop “something like this ever happening again”.

Mr Johnson hosted a virtual meeting with Mr Gates and the heads of 10 life science and pharmaceutical firms on Tuesday, to discuss how governments can work with the industry to prevent future pandemics.

He praised the “herculean” joint effort that such companies were undertaking to tackle the disease at “record speed”.

Mr Johnson said: “Defeating coronavirus and preventing future pandemics is a truly global endeavour, requiring ingenuity, tenacity and a spirit of openness to succeed.


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