Boris Johnson has become the servant of incompetent scientists, says FREDERICK FORSYTH

- EXPRESS - Oct 2, 2020 -


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a coronavirus press conference (Image: Jack Hill - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

OVER a span of 60 years as a journalist, covering mainly general news in a dozen countries I became intrigued by a study of how humans are actually governed.

At the optimum end is the elective parliamentary democracy, which Britain once was. At the worst end is the ruthless dictatorship into which we are slowly converting, weirdly, with the shivering consent of an apparent majority of our people. In this transformation there are always five steps.

The community taking over all the arms of government is always numerically tiny. Stage two is the creation of a nationwide campaign of fear or terror. This pan-national fear was gifted to those now ruling us in the arrival from the Orient of a disease called Covid-19.

Stage Three. When people are badly frightened they're extremely gullible. They will believe whatever they are told. We have all lived through seven months of unrelenting propaganda on radio, TV, speeches from on high and placards and the press to convince us that death stalks at our side. Figures are cooked, statistics cobbled, research stultified, to endorse the death-is-everywhere message.


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