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Border Patrol experiences ‘major surge’ of 2,460 daily migrants


Border Patrol agents are calling the record number of migrants who crossed the border over the past weekend a “major surge.” El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Peter Jaquez tweeted a statement about the weekend’s border crossing numbers:

“Breaking! Over the weekend, the El Paso Sector experienced a major surge in illegal crossings, with a 3-day average of 2,460 daily encounters, primarily through the downtown area of El Paso. We will continue to keep the public informed as the situation evolves.”

The capacity of the Border Patrol Central Processing Center in El Paso is approximately 3,500 migrants. However, the center is severely over its limits with over 5,100 people in custody. Jacquez tweeted photos “which show the massive numbers and subsequent overcrowding as Border Patrol agents attempt to find someplace to put and process the migrants” reports Breitbart. Unfortunately, “Most of these migrants will likely be released to NGOs or onto the streets of El Paso.”

Breitbart reports:

A live dashboard operated by the City of El Paso shows 5,105 migrants currently in custody. The report shows the release into the El Paso Community of 892 migrants with an additional 286 released onto the city’s streets.

Multiple media outlets reported Monday morning that a record-setting single group of more than 1,000 migrants crossed into El Paso during the overnight hours.


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