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Bobulinski, the Bidens, and the Corrupt FBI


If there were any doubts whether the FBI helped rig the 2020 election for Biden, Tony Bobulinski put them to rest.

The words hung there like a damp shirt: “You can call it rigged. You can call it stolen. You could call it suppressed. The American people can call it whatever they want. But the fact pattern is the FBI alone altered history in that election.”

So said Tony Bobulinski, who is likely the most important witness in American history ever to be willfully ignored by what was once the world’s finest law enforcement organization.

Bobulinski was Hunter Biden’s business partner, and he kept all the receipts. He’s the guy, the former U.S. Navy officer, who sat down with the FBI for a five-hour interview on October 23, 2020, and who, as journalist Miranda Devine notes, shared with the bureau the contents of “his three cellphones containing encrypted messages between Hunter and [his uncle] Jim Biden and their business partners, emails, and financial documents detailing the Biden family’s influence-peddling operation in foreign countries during Joe’s vice presidency.”

We first wrote about this patriot — and he is a patriot — just days before the 2020 presidential election. At that time, he’d gone into great detail during a Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson about the events surrounding his two meetings in 2017 with Joe Biden — meetings the Biden campaign and its protectors in both Congress and the mainstream media reflexively and falsely dismissed as “a Russian smear campaign.”

More recently — a month ago, in fact — we wrote that the FBI had spiked Bobulinski’s story and had colluded with Facebook to suppress it on social media. We know this because Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg publicly admitted as much.

And the FBI man behind that spiking? That would be former FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Timothy Thibault (pronounced TEE-bo). He was assigned by the Washington Field Office as “point man” to manage Bobulinski, but he suppressed this whistleblower’s damning and bullet-proof allegations.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, who interviewed Bobulinski just prior to the 2020 election, figured it’d be worth interviewing him again as we approach the two-year anniversary of his bombshell revelations to the New York Post. Here’s what Carlson said last night:

Two years later, we still consider it a huge story. Yet, in all of that time, no other major news organization in this country has bothered to follow up. The New York Times never interviewed Tony Bobulinski as part of an investigation into the Biden family business deals, which is strange because he was a partner with the Biden family. But then neither has The Washington Post. Neither have the other television networks. They’ve ignored it. The FBI, whose job it is to enforce federal law, did take a lengthy statement from Tony Bobulinski back in 2020 and during that conversation, he outlined several felonies the Bidens had committed and he would know because he saw it and then he provided extensive documentation to prove that it happened. The agents he spoke to seemed shocked and they promised to get back to Bobulinski for a follow-up interview, but they never did. In fact, the FBI never called Tony Bobulinski again. No one was ever indicted for these crimes. The investigation into them was squelched.

There you have it. Nothing to see here, you Walmart-shopping Trump supporters. Move along.

If you feel betrayed by the FBI, you’re not alone. Perhaps worst of all, though, is that Director Christopher Wray has never even seen fit to address this clear-as-day case of election interference. Perhaps, when the Republicans grab away those gavels from House Democrats in January, they’ll ask him some tough questions.

Bobulinski also said this: “The difference between President Trump and Joe Biden was 43,000 votes. If half of those people, 21,500, had voted for President Trump instead of Biden, President Trump would still be in the White House.”

He’s right, of course, and we’ve made the point over and over and over again. And again. Biden didn’t win by a landslide. He won by a razor-thin margin in three states — Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin — and polling shows that a whopping 17% of Biden voters would’ve changed their vote for him if only they’d known about the corruption the FBI and Facebook and Twitter worked to keep from them.

So let’s forget about the implausibility of Basement Joe Biden getting more population-adjusted votes than Barack Obama ever got. And let’s forget about the nonstarter of rigged Dominion voting machines. Let’s even forget about the obvious and irrefutable bulk-mail ballot fraud that Democrats deployed in the big cities of the decisive swing states.

All we need to remember is that the FBI worked with Big Tech to suppress a real and vitally important news story about Joe Biden’s corruption and thereby rigged the 2020 presidential election in his favor.

The Big Lie is the mainstream media’s ongoing efforts to suppress this truth.


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