Black Americans band together and demonstrate against BLM

- THE BLAZE - Sep 18, 2020 -

Sarah Taylor -

Image source: Facebook video screenshot

'Some of us will put money up and help you leave'

A viral video is making the rounds across the internet, featuring black anti-Black Lives Matter protesters in various stages of discussion about the movement, what it means to be black in America, and what "black lives matter" really means as a concept.

At the time of this reporting, the video — published on the Daily Wire's Facebook page — has been shared more than 4,000 times.

What are the details?

The video begins with one man passionately speaking out against the Black Lives Matter movement.

Here are some of his key quotes:

  • "They're full of hate. Nobody listen to them. Don't listen to them. Don't try to understand them. Why? They are full of hate. You don't need it. America don't need it."

  • "In a black neighborhood, black-on-black crime is real. ... White people aren't doing anything to them."

  • "White people voted Barack Obama in for eight years. ... Everything that the blacks could be crying about should have did it on his watch. And they didn't."

  • "I'm black, 52, I'm not oppressed. Ain't nobody oppressing me. America's more free than it's ever been."

  • "Some little young, 19-year-old black person. 'They been through this.' They ain't been through nothing. They're creating it! They're creating a problem that does not exist like they're talking about!"

  • "They don't know who they're mad at. Remember, this started with George Floyd. It went from George Floyd to now, it became the white people. Then it went from the white people, now it's the whole system of America. They don't know what they're mad at. They don't know what they're bothered by. ... Don't get caught up in the hype. It's all wrong."

  • "The only people that's oppressed in this world is people that embrace being oppressed."

  • "If they are so bothered, why don't they leave and go to Africa or to another country? If you're that bothered with America, pack your stuff, hold a crusade, because I think some of us will put money up and help you leave."


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