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Bill Gates warns of a new pandemic and says, 'Sadly, the virus itself, is a type of vaccine'

- THE BLAZE - PAUL SACCA - FEB 19, 2022 -

Alexandra Beier/Getty Images

Microsoft founder Bill Gates acknowledged that the danger of experiencing severe disease from COVID-19 has "dramatically reduced." However, he also cautioned that we'll have another pandemic.

Gates gave an interview to CNBC anchor Hadley Gamble at Germany's annual Munich Security Conference.

"Sadly, the virus itself, particularly the variant called Omicron, is a type of vaccine," Gates said, according to Real Clear Politics. "That is it creates both B cell and T cell immunity. And it has done a better job of getting out to the world population than we have with vaccines."

"If you do surveys of African countries, you get well over 80% of people have been exposed either to the vaccine or to various variants," Gates continued. "What that does is it means the chance of severe disease, which is mainly related to being elderly and having obesity or diabetes, those risks are now dramatically reduced because of that infection exposure."

Gates said, "It's sad, we didn't do a great job on therapeutics. Only here, two years in, do we have a good therapeutic. Vaccines took us two years to get to oversupply. Today there are more vaccines than there are demand for vaccines. And that wasn't true."


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