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Big state has bossed us around but it’s time to put the people in charge, Mark Dolan says

- GB NEWS - MarkDolan - JUL 9, 2022 -

Britain is fast descending into a health and safety hellhole

Phew what a scorcher!

Temperatures are expected to rise to 33° this weekend, which ought to be a cause for celebration. But of course the authorities are out, warning us about dehydration, sunscreen and bizarrely, a directive to keep kids inside.

Here’s the story: “UK weather – parents warned to keep children indoors, during 33° heat wave, as health alert issued”.

Does that have a familiar ring to it? Keep kids indoors. Health alert. And what a strange choice of words that is – “parents WARNED” to keep kids inside.

Meanwhile, cue media hysteria for a rise in Covid cases.

Upwards of two million people have the virus. One in 25 people, in England alone.

Not fun for many, I’ll grant you. It can be a horrible bug. But if it was a real problem, we'd know about it. What we DO know, is that omicron is milder, than Delia Smith's recipe for chicken tikka masala. And it ain’t going away – it will be with us forever.

But it hasn't stopped the Covid zealots, high-profile media figures, scientists and medics, who walked us into hell, from resurfacing, with calls for social distancing, masking and ventilation everywhere. We've never done that for flu, so why should we do it for a bug, that poses a similar, if not a lesser threat. But it doesn’t stop there.

There are stories floating around the press today, suggesting we may have power cuts this winter and that we are being discouraged, from cooking, or putting on the kettle, in peak hours. They’re effectively saying: don't cook dinner or make a brew, between 6 and 8 pm. And they will effectively, decide the temperature, at which you warm your house. And when.

The iron grip of the state, knows no bounds, and has only one mode – it tightens. So let's just summarise, it's time to bring back masks, it's time to lock up kids again, and it's time for the authorities to decide when you have a cup of tea. Do you see what we've done? By letting the powers that be, dictate our lives for two years, aided and abetted by a cheerleading media, the template of control has been set.

Now I'm not suggesting that we leave our kids out in the blazing sun all day, but I think you'll find that throughout human history, parents, and children themselves, have judged the risk of a hot day.

But we are now in the grip of such nanny state safetyism that rather than common sense and personal choice, everything is down to government dictat. And of course, if we don't heed said advice, it will doubtless eventually become a mandate. We saw that with masking early in the pandemic – it was up to you and was just advised at first. How things changed. The script is always the same. What starts as a suggestion, becomes an instruction.

Britain is fast descending into a health and safety hellhole. Risk, danger and peril – the very essence of life – are now modelled, projected, characterised and controlled by our masters. For the best part of two years, even your income was the responsibility of the state, via furlough. A dangerous precedent, establishing the idea that an income, and a safe existence, is the sole responsibility of government. It’s not. It's the governments job to police the streets, to defend our borders, to provide schooling, clean water, welfare, to take care of us, in illness, and to empty the bins once a week. And a few other bits and bobs. That is where their role should stop. The recent, unprecedented land grab of our liberties has left us with a poorer, angrier, more divided society and has left us with a proportion of the population, who are now cowering in fear. Scores of people still insisting on working from home, because of the so-called threat of Covid.

Truly insane nutters, walking around outside, masked. And zero Covid zealots on Twitter, amplified by the media, clamouring that Covid is not over, and that we must once again, stop this virus. Talk of stopping the virus, is a sick joke, for the tens of millions of people, now struggling in their lives because of the failed measures to do just that. The only metaphor I can give you for lockdowns and mothballing the economy for two years, is that it's akin to burning your house down, because you have mice. What's the result? Your house is in ashes, and the mice survived. So-called public health experts have devastated public health by shutting down the NHS, creating a waiting list, that may reach 12 million.


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