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Big Corporations Attack Voter ID in Peach State

MLB, Coca-Cola & Delta Attack Voter ID in Georgia

The organized Left has pressured corporations to attack election integrity laws … so now Coca-Cola is against voter ID, Delta Airlines is against voter ID, Major League Baseball is against voter ID.”

- JUDICIAL WATCH - Apr 9, 2021 -

The assault on election integrity is certainly nothing new, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton noted Friday. This time, the Left is attacking the Georgia legislature’s “modest reforms on election security,” which include “expanding voting hours on weekends,” “codifying the ability to get an absentee ballot,” and the requirement that voters provide “an ID number … on the documents relating to absentee balloting.” The law, as Fitton explained, expands the voting franchise by “allowing greater access through absentee balloting … while increasing security … so it’s kind of what legislatures do, they compromise.” “Not as secure as I would like, but quite reasonable.”

Acting firmly within its states’ rights, Georgia is nonetheless being challenged by many of the same groups which supported the rights of states to determine their own election laws in the 2020 election. Despite its modest reforms, Georgia is facing the Left’s narrative that “any security measures on election integrity are racist and need to be opposed.”

“The organized Left has pressured corporations to attack election integrity laws,” Fitton continued, meaning that if you are concerned about election integrity, “you’re being opposed politically by Delta Airlines, Major League Baseball and Coca-Cola.” Unlike what the proponents of requiring no-voter ID suggest, Fitton argues that regulations need to “reassure [voters] that their vote will be counted according to law and won’t be negated by illegal voting.”

Despite the Left’s attacks, and Joe Biden’s “outrageous false statements about the law,” Judicial Watch is going to continue fighting for election integrity. As Fitton concluded, “we have two lawsuits about how the 2020 election was conducted, namely the consent decree that really kind of enshrined vote-by-mail in a way that undermined confidence in the system, and second, we want to find out about that phone call that President Trump made to the Secretary of State that was recorded and leaked as part of an effort a political effort to attack president Trump.”

“We’re going to continue the heavy lifting, we’re going to be in federal court trying to make sure the rolls are being cleaned, and trying to get accountability and the details of what went on in 2020.” If you’re concerned about election integrity, support Judicial Watch today.


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