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Biden’s world: Navy hires active duty drag queen; what’s next?

- JON RAPPOPORT - 17 MAIO, 2023 -

But wait, there’s more. Much, much more. There’s Google, who handles 91% of all Internet searches, and their AI roll-out

I’ll get to the drag queen in a few minutes, but first I have to plug in this new revelation about Google. Wow. They’ve got their own monster-muncher AI, called SGE (Search Generative Experience)…

And it’s going to rip up the landscape.

Like a giant land developer in Yellowstone. (The show’s subsequent fiasco aside.)

Google’s AI is poised to do everything I’ve been warning about—this is a new and improved shit storm.



OK. Here it is in a nutshell. Google will launch an AI that gives you a few paragraphs of summary, whenever you use it to search. That summary will appear at the top of the page.

Let’s say you type in “government censorship.” Boom. Above all the blue entries designating websites and blogs, you’ll get that summary.

Not you (of course not), but MANY people will read the summary and be satisfied. They won’t open up sites or blogs.

As a result, huge numbers of those sites and blogs will go broke.

AND, many people will accept what Google’s AI tells them. They’ll swallow Google’s data, and they’ll accept Google as the number one CONTENT PROVIDER.

Because all those readers only want content. That’s all. They don’t care about the character of the content or its truth or falsity. They just want data to feed their addiction. Their addiction to data.

I’ve been dealing with that addiction ever since 2000, when I started writing on the Internet. I’ve had people ask me for SUMMARIES of my articles, because they “don’t have the time” to read my full pieces.

You can probably guess my reaction. Because I’m a writer. I’m not a machine that functions as a Pez Dispenser.

Actual WRITING engages the mind of the reader in multiple ways. Offering data is just one way. Everything else is called IMAGINATION. Chew on that one.

I’ve considered launching my own AI. When people use it to answer their questions, it has only one answer: NO DICE. It’s a very simple AI.

When Google launches their AI, the world will become far more stark. There will be a wider gulf between original/independent and official. Along with a great deal of economic destruction.

Which will highlight, to a much greater degree, this Substack platform. Because it’s based on the relationship between individual writers and their readers, and because the readers are willing to pay to support writers. Google isn’t the primary way readers find out about Substack writers.

Nevertheless, I’ll be interested to see Google’s AI summary when people type in “Jon Rappoport”:

This content provider offers contrarian data because he is obsessed with destroying official sources of information. It’s possible he suffered a brain injury at an early age. Proper medical treatment could have saved him, but when he was four he threatened a doctor with a spoon and a baseball, and the doctor sent him packing, warning his mother, “Your child is destined to become an investigative reporter, and worse yet, an unrestrained word slinger, unless he receives immediate psychiatric synaptic intervention. I would recommend a full-scale lobotomy”...

I wrote that paragraph, hoping when Google’s AI gorges on data, it’ll use my self-description in its summary of me, when people search for my work. I have to promote myself. Nobody else will. They’re scared.

Perhaps the people most pissed off and panicked by Google’s AI are the staffs and execs of sites that publish articles about computers and software. They see AI using their articles in Google summaries and putting them out of business.

I sympathize—but couldn’t those pros have seen this coming? What did they think AI was for? It’s for taking over. Taking over the universe of information.

If that’s the business you’re in, you’re going to absorb heavy blows below the belt.

Dare I suggest you need crazy-ass writers who can fire up imaginations as well as poke mechanical minds?

You needed them all along.

Since the caves and the cave people, we’ve been in a war, and the war has been about imagination. Whether or not it will be permitted. Whether the people who use it and ride on it are good or evil.

He who lives by data alone will die by data.

Didn’t you know that?

Do you see yourselves as nothing more than mechanical sources of mechanical information? Better AI?

What about soul? Juice? Fire in the mind? Do those words suggest ANYTHING to you?


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