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Biden’s Vax Mandate: Snitches Wanted


The president’s onerous vaccination mandate is coming soon, but enforcement will be a challenge.

Snitches wanted. By Joe Biden.

In the time-honored tradition of tyrannical governments everywhere, snitches will be wanted and needed by President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats — at least if and until his constitutionally dubious vaccine mandate gets curb-stomped in court. Because an army of snitches will be a key enforcement mechanism for a directive that will soon encroach upon the rights of millions of unvaccinated Americans within 164,000 different businesses and other organizations across the country.

Yep, Uncle Joe wants you to snitch on your boss and your coworkers.

The designated enforcer of the mandate will be OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA, though, is a relatively small federal agency, and its 1,850 inspectors will rely on the kindness of snitches. As The Wall Street Journal reports: “OSHA will conduct some workplace inspections. But the agency, as is typically the practice, will rely primarily on worker complaints to check compliance with its regulations, senior administration officials said.”

Rats, informers, collaborators, and busybodies everywhere will be able to file their complaints with OSHA through a convenient online form or phone call. What could be easier? Perhaps OSHA’s workplace signage could be in a nice, traditional German blackletter font — just like the old Nazi propaganda.

“The vast majority of employers comply with safety and health standards without ever being inspected by OSHA,” a Labor Department flack said. “But for businesses that are not in compliance, OSHA utilizes inspections combined with compliance assistance to help employers identify workplace hazards and create plans to keep workers safe on the job.”

Ah, “compliance assistance.” What a fine euphemism. But why not just say “snitching”? It’ll save hot air and syllables.

Joe Biden first mentioned his vax mandate in an address on September 9, but his inaction for weeks thereafter gave liberty-loving folks the sense that maybe, just maybe, he was having second thoughts. No dice. Biden has since gone all in. His Labor Department announced last week that the rule will take effect January 4. So Merry Christmas, employers. From that day forward, OSHA can fine you $13,653 per employee who isn’t compliant with the mandate. But that’s just for openers. “Multiple fines are possible if there are numerous violations,” the Journal notes. “Willful violations can lead to a maximum penalty of $136,532 per violation.”

As our Mark Alexander has noted, this stopped being about “the science” when Joe Biden became president. It’s now all about power.


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