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Biden’s silence on the classified documents is deafening

NEW YORK POST - James Comer - FEB 9, 2023

When will this scavenger hunt end?

That’s what Americans across this country are asking themselves as more classified material is found improperly stored by President Biden.

More classified documents stored improperly by Joe Biden were found. Getty Images

f the Biden administration had its way, you wouldn’t even know about it.

Let’s look at the timeline, what we know and why this continues to be a serious national-security issue:

  • On Nov. 2, 2022, President Biden’s personal attorneys found classified documents improperly stored in a closet at the Penn Biden Center. The next day, the National Archives took possession of the material.

The Biden administration remained silent.

  • On Nov. 4, the archives contacted the Department of Justice about the classified documents.

he Biden administration remained silent.

  •  On Nov. 9, the FBI began to assess whether classified material has been mishandled in violation of federal law. On Nov. 14, Attorney General Merrick Garland assigned John Lausch, the US attorney in Chicago, to investigate.

The Biden administration remained silent.

  • On Dec. 20, Biden lawyers disclosed that classified documents from the Obama-Biden administration are in the garage at the president’s Wilmington, Del., home. The FBI traveled to the residence.

The Biden administration remained silent.

  • On Jan. 9, media reports finally shined a light on Biden’s mishandling of classified documents. Nearly three months after Biden’s personal attorneys first found classified documents and a consequential midterm election, the public finally learned of Biden’s mishandling of classified material — not from the White House but from the media.

One thing is abundantly clear: The Biden administration never intended to inform the American people.

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