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Biden’s failed deterrence strategy will fail Taiwan like it did Ukraine


Taiwan is next. That is because President Xi has zero respect for President Biden and his band of blithering idiots, buffoons, and ideologues. People like Blinken, Sullivan, Sherman, Kerry, Klain, Rice, et all.

Rep. Mike Gallagher: Biden deterrence strategy will fail Taiwan like it did Ukraine

Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., warned viewers on “Sunday Night in America” about the threat posed by China and Iran as the Russian invasion of Ukraine enters its second week.

As Russian forces continue to bomb and invade Ukrainian cities, Fox News host Trey Gowdy commented how China refused to respond or condemn Russia’s behavior on the world stage.

Gowdy asked the Wisconsin lawmaker “why” China would refuse to denounce Russia’s actions.

“Because, of course, China wants to do the same with Taiwan,” Gallagher replied, condemning President Biden and his administration for failing to properly deter Russia’s aggression.

“When the dust settles, despite the very real bravery on display by the Ukrainian people, deterrence in this case failed. The Biden Administration thought that sanctions and tweets would be enough to deter, but they failed to apply the kind of hard power that would have deterred Putin from launching this war in the first place. By the way, a war that could still escalate and involve us at any moment,” Gallagher said.

Although the world’s attention is on Ukraine, Gallagher warned that Biden’s failure to handle Russia could be used as an invitation for more authoritarian countries to invade other countries.

“And I think it should serve as a reminder that authoritarian countries with leaders who have no checks and balances like Russia and China and leaders who think human life is cheap can launch invasions that seem impossible for us to imagine,” Gallagher said. “If the Biden Administration is wedded to this approach that they are calling integrated deterrence, which is just liberal code for cutting hard power, I fear deterrence will fail again in a bigger stage which is the conflict over Taiwan.”

He has lobbied for the White House to change its outlook to face off against evil men like Putin and Xi Jinping.

“It just comes down to our willingness to invest in hard power as well as our ability to abandon this anti-America woke nonsense. We need to wake up and realize we live in a dangerous world filled with bad guys, evil KGB guys like Putin and genocidal communists like Xi Jinping but we, America, are the good guys,” he added.

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