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Biden’s Education Department buried in avalanche of complaints about plans to fund ‘1619 Project’

- THE WASHINGTON TIMES - JUNE 9, 2021 - Kery Murakami -

Public schools across the country are leading children toward beliefs of critical race theory. A group of alarmed parents is fighting back with online information to help families navigate the teachings. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

The Education Department has been inundated with thousands of complaints about its plan to encourage schools to teach a race-based view of American history that opponents say is inaccurate and racially divisive.

Most of the more than 35,000 comments opposed the idea.

The Biden administration invited input last month on proposed grants to K-12 schools that focus on slavery and racism as the defining characteristic of the American experience. The curriculum is known as critical race theory.

Spurring outrage, in particular, was that the Biden administration wants schoolchildren to have more civics lessons along the lines of The New York Times’ “The 1619 Project.”

The project, which reframed U.S. history around slavery and racism, has become a flashpoint of political debate on racial justice, cancel culture and what American children are taught about their country.

“The 1619 Project” won a Pulitzer Prize last year, but historians criticize it for making inaccurate assertions. One of them is that the Founding Fathers fought the American Revolution to preserve slavery.

“This critical race theory, ‘1619 Project’ curriculum, is an exercise in pure idiocy masking as a system of instruction in American education,” John Guess of Roland, Arkansas, wrote in his comment. PUBLICAÇÃO ORIGINAL:

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