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Biden Regime: “Well, Brazilians Are Paying the Same Amount for Gas”

- THE WESTERN JOURNAL - Grant Atkinson - JUN18, 2022 -

During an interview with CNN anchor John Berman on Wednesday, Granholm attempted to deflect attention from the sky-high gas prices in the U.S.

“If you were in Brazil, you’d be paying the same amount for gas at the pump — over $5,” Granholm said. “If you were in Canada, you’d be paying over $6. If you were in Germany, you’d be paying over $8. So this is happening around the world.”

Even Berman, who certainly falls on the left side of the aisle, was not buying this excuse.

“Understood, secretary,” Berman interjected. “We’re talking about the United States, though. We’re talking about the United States right now and what the president can do.”

The fact that other countries have high gas prices holds no weight for Americans paying record prices here. We don’t live in Brazil, nor is Granholm the energy secretary there…….


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