Biden Press Secretary Can't Guarantee Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Won't Be Included in COVID Relief Pac

- THE WESTERN JOURNAL - Feb 16, 2021 -

Cameron Arcand -

Questions are being raised regarding whether taxpayer-funded abortion will be a component of the new coronavirus relief package — but don’t expect answers from the White House any time soon.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was unable to give a clear answer on Tuesday when a reporter asked if tax dollars will go toward abortion in the “American Rescue Plan.”

“Can you guarantee Americans who don’t want their tax dollars — pro-life Americans who don’t want their tax dollars funding abortion, can the administration guarantee those tax dollars won’t fund abortion?” Eternal Word Television Network correspondent Owen Jensen asked.

“Well, I think Owen, as I just noted, three-quarters of the public supports the components of the package, wants to see the pandemic get under control, wants to see people put back to work, vaccines in arms. So I think that answers your question,”

Psaki snapped back.


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