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Biden Paves Path to Mandatory Vax Passports


Biden’s government mandates are just one small step behind his corporate mandates.

“The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one, and thus to create whatever the form of government, a real despotism.” —George Washington (1796)

It seems like several years have passed since March of 2020, when Donald Trump authorized Anthony Fauci to make a national declaration of “15 days to flatten the curve” in order to get ahead of the ChiCom Virus pandemic. Now, 18 months into the COVID pandemic of fear, the Beltway Democrats and their entrenched bubble bureaucrats are still doing what they do best — attempting to increase the power of the state, thus increasing their own power and control. Joe Biden’s cadre is ramping up evermore edicts to “flatten the curve” of infection spread and hospitalizations, to the detriment of ever attaining herd immunity, as well as to the great peril of American Liberty.

For all of Trump’s domestic and foreign policy achievements during his first three years in office, his decision to empower Fauci unwound much of that good, and his presidency.

Consequently, never letting a “good crisis” go to waste, the Democrats’ “kinder, gentler” iteration of statist totalitarianism is on the march.

During Ronald Reagan’s first and second terms, I traveled to the Soviet Union doing “opposition research.” Once during those travels, I was placed under house arrest, which served to sharpen my irrevocable impression of life for the Russian people under a tyrannical socialist regime. In a subsequent trip under the George H.W. Bush administration, I got to visit Moscow central jail as a “guest” of the regime, which further sharpened both my appreciation for Liberty and unmitigated contempt for statist tyrants.

Among my other impressions from travels to the former Soviet Union and to its oligarchical successor, the Russian (Putin) Federation, was the requirement of passports and permission papers in order to travel, much as we would associate with traveling to other countries. Indeed, credentials of privilege were also required to walk into certain hotels, restaurants, bars, and other venues reserved for the government elite, those politicos and their appointees who were carted about in limousines while the common people of the “revolution” they ostensibly represented lived in relative poverty.

Fast-forward to the masking and distancing mandates implemented since March of last year, and now to Biden’s vaccination mandates. These have created a “soft totalitarianism” across America, a kinder, gentler Bolshevism. What the Left would like most is to exercise as much control over your life as the Soviets did after the Bolshevik revolution. Democrats have an insatiable appetite for power and control, which is rooted in their pathology.

Joe Biden and his administration are in a free fall, both in terms of his grossly failed policies and his public approval.

Biden’s open-border policies are a disaster. His big socialist spending plan is irreconcilable amid surging inflation. The Democrats’ policies, which pay people not to work, have created a jobs crisis that is crushing small businesses and service industries — further empowering the BIG corporations that bow to the Left. And most recently, Biden’s catastrophically failed surrender and retreat from Afghanistan has both empowered our near-peer adversaries (China and Russia) while inviting another 9/11 Islamist attack on our nation.

But DC Demos are insulated from these realities that influence all American lives nationwide.

Amid this surreal transformation of our nation, while the CDC is busy ensuring its communications are inclusive and equitable, Biden is inching ever closer to federal mandates for vaccinations.

As it turns out, masking mandates were the proving grounds for how much government control could be exercised over the populace regarding vaccinations — this despite the abundant scientific evidence challenging the effectiveness of masks. Consequently, the administration has created a colossal trust deficit.

But Biden stumbles on.


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