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Biden Now Telling Americans To Wear Masks Indoors

- NEWSWEEK - Ewan Quayle , Matt Cannon AND Lauren Giella, - NOV 29, 2021 -

It will be one for ages when the history books are written, that the greatest country in human history was taken down by evil clowns.

President Joe Biden provided an update on the U.S.’s response to the emergence of the new Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Biden, who spent the holiday weekend in Nantucket, Massachusetts, has already announced targeted travel bans on countries in southern Africa—a move that has been condemned by South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa.

During a press briefing, Biden said he does not anticipate more travel restrictions at this time.

He said the new variant is “cause for concern not a cause for panic.” He encouraged every American to get vaccinated, including the booster dose, and to wear masks while indoors and in large crowds.

White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci has already confirmed that the U.S. is preparing to tweak COVID-19 vaccines if it becomes necessary.

Omicron, which was first detected in Botswana, has been labeled a “variant of concern” by the World Health Organisation, with scientists fearing it could spread quicker than previous versions due to its more than 30 mutations.

“Omicron has an unprecedented number of spike mutations, some of which are concerning for their potential impact on the trajectory of the pandemic,” the WHO said on Friday.


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