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Biden family received $31 million from Chinese officials with links to the Chinese Intel


The Biden family received $31 million from Chinese officials with links to the highest levels of Chinese intel.

Peter Schweizer on Life, Liberty and Levin: “The Biden family, while he was vice president and continuing when he became president, received some $31 million from Chinese individuals who we’re linked to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.”

Hunter Biden reportedly had such a robust relationship with a Xi regime-linked Chinese language businessman that he dubbed him the “Superchairman,” in line with Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer.

  • Emails apparently show dealings between Hunter Biden and Chinese executive with connections to the country’s communist party

  • And they reveal that Biden’s firm had stakes in Chinese companies, according to Fox Business

  • Biden was introduced to the company by a former senior aide in his father’s office Francis Person

  • ‘Fran has been like a son to Joe and me,’ said Jill Biden when he left the White House in 2014

By Daily Mail:Reporter, 20 January 2022:

Hunter Biden’s private equity firm invested in a company run by a Chinese executive with ties to officials at some of the highest levels of the Communist Party of China, it emerged on Thursday.

It adds to scrutiny of President’s Biden’s son’s business interests at a time when Republicans are threatening to make him testify in Congress if they take back the House this year.

Emails showed that as recently March 2017, his firm Rosemont Seneca Advisors held a five percent stake in Harves Amusement Parks as well as in interest in Harves Sports and Entertainment.

Their parent company. Harves Century Group, is backed by the state-owned China Development Bank and is headquartered in Shenyang, China, according to Fox Business which revealed the existence of the emails.

They reveal that Biden’s introduction to the Harves Group came in 2015 from Francis Person – who was an adviser to Joe Biden when he was in the Senate, and then from 2009 to 2014 when he was vice president.

In July 2015, Person invited him to visit China the following month to meet Bo Zhang, his business partner.

‘Bo Zhang and his family would host us,’ he wrote in the email.


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